I’m L, Nice To Meet Ya

Posted by Michael on February 20th, 2008 — 7:35pm

I got, I got, I got what it takes to make this boy be bad. (It was hard to contol myself.)



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6 Responses to “I’m L, Nice To Meet Ya”

  1. Thomas

    Wow!!! You got new headphones!!

  2. Philip

    Do you have infra-red lighting in your room?

  3. Michael

    I shoot cheap pornos from time to time and sometimes forget to change the bulb back to normal.

  4. Thomas

    As likely as that is, I think we all know that the excitement of getting your new ipod meant you crossed the forbidden line between a man and his machine.

  5. Philip

    Chk-a-chk-um! Chk-a-chk-um!

  6. English Glen

    Why couldn’t you get something that people like engraved on it, like… candy. I could sure go for some candy right now. Not a stupid… beet.

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