Apple Macbook Air: a comment from a disgruntled Amazon reviewer

Posted by Thomas on February 17th, 2008 — 10:47am

I dont normally join in the endless criticisms of Apple products (normally over-expensive, liable to break, and a litte bit pointless), but I’ve just discovered that Apple are releasing argubably the most pointless laptop ever. The following review fails to mention the fact that you’ll need to connect up your own CD-ROM drive but the rest speaks for itself. Oh and the thing’ll cost £1200. Yes £1200.

‘Apple industries, i have to congratulate you on a advertising job well done, you have managed to create a laptop with no optical drive (and NO the superdrive will not work), slow processing speeds (if not THE slowest of any mac book in production),a single usb drive (what were they thinking?) and a price tag that im surprised even Apple has the balls to foist on us. So all on in all, yet another perfect buy for the apple fan boy and no doubt it will be a top seller. Still wanting something thin and portable? then try a piece of paper, as it will have about the same processing speeds…If you want to disregard this review, go ahead, it is not my money you’re wasting ( people like you dont deserve money), just dont come crying to me when you realise that you have bought the electronic equivalent of a chocolate teapot (that lacks the redeeming feature of being edible).’

Any Apple fanboys out there want to comment ;)

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  1. Michael

    Maybe it doesn’t have an “optical drive” because it’s so much sexier than any non-Apple product customers might actually be fooled into trying to penetrate it. As opposed to my VAIO whose cd drive broke all of six months ago, so it has a drive but it just doesn’t work… And I don’t want to sex it. I think we both know who loses out there – everybody.

  2. Philip

    But it fits inside an envelope! An envelope. Dear god!!!

  3. Admin

    To be fair none of the above points are substantiated. The above review merely reflects the position of an uneducated pundit.

    To provide qualified criticism the reviewer might turn to the market that the ultra portable is positioned. Long dominated by the Sony TZ series (£1500+), the market is made up of products compromised to provide extreme portability. Compromises include miniaturised keyboard, display, speed and/or battery life . If the reviewer were to reflect on the target demographic he might concede that it is a niche and luxury sub-market of the portable computer sector. Consumed by business men and luxury driven, i.e. non price-conscious, professionals. A market in which APPL has been long revered.

    While Sony compromised usability on keyboard and screen size, Apple drove by usable interface design chose to compromise the optical drive to pursue the sub-notebook.

    By removing the optical drive, Apple have indeed divided the Apple faithful. (see 90s iMac – san floppy)

    However the target market for such a sub-notebook is there. The SUB notebook. I don’t care how you try and spin it isn’t your only computer – it can’t be.

    Compromises have been made.

    With a move in tech, wireless advancement has driven Apple’s ability to cut the least important addition to the sub-notebook – the optical drive. By providing technical solutions, including remote access to neighbouring computers’ optical drives, by way of wireless, the Air has become a feasible design solution to serve the true sub-notebook consumer.

    By merit of strong design, technological advancement and keen instinct Apple has produced a well positioned product to serve the sub-notebook market.

  4. Philip

    CD, you better have posted this because it wasn’t me.

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