Burr’s Two Fingers to Clements Tour of Cafes, Episode 4: Sinnamon

Posted by Philip on December 20th, 2007 — 12:29am

Everybody knows that it’s considered kewl to pointlessly misspell wurdz. In fact, as a rule, Chris Porter does not deal with any establishment that does not have at least one misplaced letter in its name. Lucky then for the newly opened Sinnamon on Stranmillis Road, Belfast because that is one box that it ticks.

15-12-2007 20-45-58

As always is the case just before entering a brand new cafe, we were a bit tentative. This time though, there was something else, something that Porter was the first to notice. I looked at the bright pink sign, the pink walls inside the cafe, the red flowers decorating the service counter, and the current clientele that consisted solely of men – and thought that yes, it does look quite gay.

Sinnamon has a few things that make it stand out. The first is the need to pay for your stuff before you sit down. It was quite nice to be able to sit down and enjoy your coffee, without the need to pay at the end lurking in your mind. Although, I can’t see this system helping the staff with their tips. There was also free wifi, much to Burr and his iPhone’s delight.

15-12-2007 20-55-33

The service was absolutely excellent; we really could not fault it. It was quick too; I was surprised to find that my soup had already arrived when I returned from my pre-emptive piss. It is because of all these positives that it is such a shame that their food and drink was so distinctly average.

Part 1 – Inside Sinnamon.

My broccoli and cauliflower soup could definitely have been creamier, and maybe it’s because I’ve been away for three months, but the wheaten bread did not taste like wheaten bread.

I thought the Chrises were being very kind in their comments on the cookies. I tried a bit and thought it was pretty horrendous.

15-12-2007 21-37-09 15-12-2007 20-54-33

Perhaps it was the thought of facing the cold, cold night outside; perhaps it was the comfortable sofas and nap-time lighting; or perhaps it was the naked men dancing at our table, but there was something that prevented us from ever wanting to leave. As you will soon see, this played a big part in Burr’s final decision on the score.

Part 2 – The verdict + Burr invents a new word.

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8 Responses to “Burr’s Two Fingers to Clements Tour of Cafes, Episode 4: Sinnamon”

  1. Michael

    Obviously I wasn’t there but I think I think a plus point you didn’t mention is the fact that it is only yards away from a fine, local fresherie.

  2. Thomas

    So good he needed to think it twice…

  3. Michael

    Since when did you start wearing beanie hats inside? Was Sinnamon cold or are N Sync reforming?

  4. Michael

    Maybe you’re just taking it to the next level with the Craig David imitation. First you learnt the songs, then you got the ladies, now you have the hat?

  5. Philip

    I was wearing that hat old school. Wurd.

  6. Philip

    You just reminded me – I need to check out his new material.

  7. Anonymous

    If Carlsberg did coffee…
    I’m finding it difficult to express my delight at Sinnamon…Botantic style.
    Staff…amazing (and gorgeous) and coffee even better.

  8. Anonymous

    Cap in Sinnamon Botanic mmmmm….If you dont mind scalding hot burnt milk! Nearly took the roof off my mouth!!!!…..should come with a health warning.

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